Delivering success

Founded in 2013, Arcstone has consistently delivered success to multinational U.S. and singaporean companies.


Arcstone was founded upon the belief that all aspects of a manufacturing firm can be monitored, analyzed, and controlled through unlocking and maximizing the value of data. 



The Perfect Talent

The team combines its extensive experience in complex manufacturing processes with a thorough understanding of programming and technology to realize Arcstone's vision.

Experts ranging from numerous manufacturing industries and veteran software architects work together to produce the perfect, intuitive and powerful arc.ops™ for our global partners. 

The Perfect Solution

Arcstone’s top-in-class standard in software development sustains Arcstone’s relevance to business needs with close guidance from industry professionals such as manufacturing experts in Global Fortune 500 companies, and professionals from NASA and academia, who serve as board advisers and consultants.


Striding into Industry 4.0

being the leading provider for Industrial internet of things (iiot) solutions, arcstone has been dedicated in revolutionizing singapore's manufacturing industry. 


It is our goal to change the manufacturing landscape in singapore from Industry 3.0 to industry 4.0, and thereby poise the nation to being a global leader in manufacturing technologies.